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How to Pray Right

A lot of people pray for things, but those things are there to transform who you are when you are in the pursuit of them. In order to receive them, there will need to be a transformation within you – changing certain qualities about yourself. For example, being more timely, or giving more value to the world. When you pray, be deliberate in the actions that you want to change in your life, because that will ultimately lead to the things you desire.

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Five Steps to Achievement

If you can think about anyone who has been successful in their lives, they have walked through the following five steps – consciously or unconsciously.
1. You must have ambition, and a desire to improve your life.
2. Next, is a crystal clear vision of where you want to be.
3. You must have purpose, and understand the reasons why you want to achieve your vision.
4. Create a blueprint – or road map, which is the next step to achievement.
5. You need to execute on that blueprint.

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Work Stuff, Consciousness, Eternity

In this video, you get to see what Jaret’s workday is like. He discusses the new platform he’s developing, his strategies, and some of his thoughts on important issues people deal with today.

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Internal vs External People

There is a fundamental difference in understanding the universe. There’s an internal world and an external world, and people who relate to each. They don’t get along with each other very well because the external world people try to fix the outside world to please the inside, whereas the internal world people fix the internal because the external world doesn’t affect them. With the external locus of control, one will be in pain his or her entire life. People with an internal locus of control realize that it is not the external world that needs fixing, but themselves that need fixing.

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Purpose in Everything

The Dark Knight was very much about the fundamental philosophical differences of The Joker and the Batman. On one side, you have chaos, and on the other, order. Having a certain mindset affects the way you choose to view the universe. Do you believe in randomness or spiritually believe that things are in order? One will give you peace, the other will not.

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