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Build the Habits (#361)

In this video, Desiree discusses her new habits with Jaret, and goes over how she’s been progressing on her new path of weight loss.

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Stop Complaining (#362)

You have limiting beliefs going on about why you shouldn’t enter that space. Why there is too much competition, why the market is saturated, but these are just limiting beliefs holding you back. I want your mind to focus on the positive of everything. If there are a lot of sellers in a space, well that means that there are a lot of consumers because they caught on to something saying that there is a need for this. And so if there are a lot of consumers, that means there is lot of money changing hands there. And they will pay for the elite at a premium, and maybe you are just not being creative enough.

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Chase Your Blueprint (#363)

You’re hungry, I know that you are. You’re awakening is not a mental disorder. You have something inside of you that feels like you are destined to be great. You are waiting for something more to kick in because you are supposed to do great things, but the hunger is not enough. The quiet desperation inside of you is not enough. You have to take the step out first. You have to be the one willing to go forward. You have to have that courage.

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Thank You for Your Support on This Journey (#364)

So the end is near, but before my farewell – before my sign off – this one is for you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, to truly express my gratitude and appreciation for this privilege. This is a gift. There are two ways about it that this is an opportunity that has been bestowed upon me, that I have been blessed with, whatever you want to call it. And I brought that perspective into every single video, that I can articulate my thoughts, hopefully in a manner that gives you the keys to your life.

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Closing the Chapter! (#365)

I built the entire video series on five parts that I believe make up the best you. So these are the areas of growth that we focus on. So Number 1 is emotional strength. Number 2 is your physical health. Your body is your temple. Number 3 is your influential impacts. How much of an influence do you have on people? How much do you contribute to society? Number 4 is business acumen. You have to get really good at understanding business, being a specialist in your career. Number 5, this is the hire level thinking, so education has to be a big part of your life.

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Above and Beyond (#366)

One more? One more, come on guys you always shoot higher than your expectation. You always exceed your goal. You always do more than what you say you are going to do. Check out my other channel Jaret Grossman, I am filling out the recap of this entire video series. Let’s start this new chapter off right, let’s go baby. I am excited, you guys are the best, take care.

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