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Bad Things Happen for a Reason (#21)

We get down sometimes in our lives when things don’t work out for us. We can’t wrap our head around it because we feel like it is completely undeserved, and we ask, “Why would this happen to me?” We don’t see the benefit of these hardships in the present moment. We don’t see why it is happening the way it is happening, but it unfolds. If you look back in your life, like Steve Jobs said, these dots connect in the end.

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Learning a New Skill (#22)

Stop thinking about it. Stop thinking about the mistakes that you are going to, or will, make. Understand that you have a goal that you want to achieve. You can’t stress over mistakes, because they will be made regardless. Make the decision to accept this. Then make the decision to take the first step towards that goal. When you have this goal that you want to realize, there is no better feeling in the world than doing just that.

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The Goal Isn’t Important (#23)

If you had a button that you can press right now, and this button would allow you to live out your dreams – all your dreams would be handed to you on a silver platter – would you hit that button? Think about it. Because when you hit that button you know deep down inside that you didn’t earn the reward that you are about to be given. How would you truly feel afterwards, knowing that you didn’t go through that process?

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Master Your Emotions (#24)

As human beings we have something that no other mammal has. We have the ability to refer back to our past, and we also have the ability to look into our future and anticipate what can happen. And neither of these things are reality. All we have is the moment in front of us. You have the choice to decide whether you’re going to live in a previous chapter – a chapter that hasn’t yet been written – or the chapter that’s being written right now.

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Break The Pattern (#25)

Based on what we’ve learned to be bothered by, 90% of the stuff that people do or say can and will bother us. But if we live with this, how does that make for a happy life? How are we able to enjoy that? We can’t. So we need to change ourselves. You can’t control the hundreds and thousands of people who run into you – who converse with you, who interact with you – but you can control yourself. You can control what you feel at certain moments. You can control your triggers, how you react to what people say and do. You can re-frame it.

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What Happens After Death (#26)

If there was a next life, would you be afraid of death? Once you’re not afraid of death, then you can really enjoy the moment. You can understand that you are given a gift. Every single day is a gift. You have nothing to be afraid of. But you do need to maximize your potential in terms of what you are given. And not only will you be rewarded in this life, but my belief is that you will be rewarded in your next life.

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What is a Muscle Prodigy? (#27)

People often picture guys with muscles as being stupid. It’s the first kind of association that the general public has based on movies where the body builder acts really dumb. But let me tell you, you only have one place to live. So who is stupid? The person taking care of that home, or the one who lets it go? When I think of Muscle Prodigy – a muscle prodigy – I think of a little boy looking up to Renaissance man who has it all. Muscle Prodigy is strength of body, mind, and spirit. It incorporates everything you want under one roof.

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Cut Out The Anchors (#28)

There are certain things in your life that are not contributing to who you want to be that you must give up and sacrifice in order to get to where you want to be. Your value system needs to change if you want to be this great person who wants to be looked up to. There are things that you need to give up that you may enjoy. Your habits and your rituals will dictate who you are. There are things that will propel you to where you want to go, and there are anchors that will hold you back.

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Investment vs Consumption (#29)

You have a choice where you can spend your dollar. It can go towards consumption, buying things, or it can go towards investment, which is more of a focus on the future. So really it comes down to your value system about what you find important to you. Assets, or liabilities? The present moment, or what lies ahead? A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow, and if it goes into investment, it will see explosive growth in the future.

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Why You Should Workout (#30)

I can’t begin to tell you how important working out is for your mental ability to perform and surpass “limitations.” The benefits are endless. We think that working out is physical. However, it is the mind that carries you to the gym itself, and also to perform the bio mechanics that result in movement, specifically during those last few reps. Your mind is tested in those last few reps. When you cross a certain threshold, your mind, body, and spirit intertwine as you break through that wall.

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