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The Chains of the Universe (#11)

So you put out words, you put out pacts about what you are going to do. You talk a lot. You talk a big game. A lot of times you don’t back it up. You don’t stay true to your word. Every time you make that pact, you’re making it with the universe. There’s a higher energy at play. There’s a higher power at play. You have to stay true to yourself, you have to stay true to your word. If you want more things to come to you, you have to live up to your potential. And in order for that to happen, you have to walk, not just talk.

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How to Lead by Example (#12)

When we want to control people, we often push people away. You get the negative result. You get the result that you didn’t intend. The more you want to control people the more they want to run in the other direction. If you are a parent, you should understand that children follow people that lead by example – people who do not tell them what to do, but rather, show them the path and open their eyes to it and say, “Here is your choice.” It’s about teaching, not lecturing. We don’t follow people who lecture us, we rebel.

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The Risk of a Perfect Moment (#13)

There will never be a perfect moment in your life to do the right thing. You will always come up with excuses. You will always say that the risk is too high. You will always say that now is not the time. For instance: People wait for the perfect opportunity to leave their job, to start their own business. You already put some serious thought in it, you’ve been thinking about it for a long time, every day at your job. Why haven’t you acted? There will always be something that is preventing you from making a decision, so you need to take the leap and act right in the moment, because the present moment is the only perfect moment.

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Expand Your Energy Field (#14)

If you choose to go through pain, then you’re going to attract people like a gravitational pull. It’s going to be automatic because you’re going to feel it. It’s not very much about what you say, but it’s more about the vibes that you’re giving off and the confidence you have in yourself – the ability to trust yourself. These are things that are developed when you choose to step outside of your comfort zone and when you choose to go through the pain. Your energy is expansive, and your confidence levels increase because you put yourself out there in uncomfortable environments.

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The Art of War (#15)

It is better to be prepared and not have an opportunity than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. In your life, there will be plenty of opportunities. The question is, are you going to be prepared for the moment to take it? Or will you miss the opportunity that shows up right in front of you because you weren’t prepared? The reason that the battle is won before it is fought is because of preparation; strategy, and planning.

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Give Me Heart (#16)

You need to look within yourself. Are you someone who shies away from being pushed, or do you say “bring it on?” Do you say, “there’s more that I can give, there’s more that I can be?” That’s your heart – that’s your confidence and your ability to improve. That’s your mental toughness, your rock. If you have that, I guarantee you that you don’t need talent or gifts. That’s your gift! If you have an ability to grind, that’s the greatest gift that you can have. Because life is a lot more about conditioning than it is about getting by on your gifts. Champions are born from grinding!

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Resolving Relationship Conflict (#17)

When conflicts exist between two people in a relationship, we often take things the other person is saying too hard. We take it as a literal expression based on their tone, based on what they are saying. And we don’t realize that that person has their own internal perception of what is going on. It is true that we are supposed to have stress. You need stress in your life. But when it gets too overwhelming, that’s where you enter the danger zone. It’s better to come to a mutual understanding of what is going on in the given situation by asking questions rather than by making assumptions.

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Are You a Taker or Giver? (#18)

There are those who are takers, and those who are givers. Those who are takers usually operate from a mindset of scarcity, meaning they think the resources available to us do not replenish. So they will give the waitress a 10% tip instead of a 20% tip. And then there are the givers, who recognize that everything but time is replenishable – and even time can be given if that means somebody else will benefit. Givers do what they do because it makes them feel good about who they are.

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Making Change (#19)

Often times people reach out to me and they are ecstatic about one of my products or services. They did their research, they read the testimonials. But the only thing is, they just can’t afford it. The problem with not being able to ‘afford’ something is not money. It’s about priorities. Most of us have some form of disposable income after all the bills are paid. It’s a matter of where you decide to put it: the movies, the bars, the restaurants, or yourself. The number one asset you have is yourself. Invest in you.

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Get Out of Your Head (#20)

Physiology is so important. We think we live up in our heads, and that all the thinking comes from our mind and not the rest of our body. The reality is that your head is a fraction of the size of your entire body, and there is an intelligence in your body that is profound. It beats your heart when you don’t even think about it. It heals wounds. It breathes. You don’t think about digesting your food, you just do it. There are hundreds of processes going on throughout the day that require no thought. If you can learn to get your body involved as much as you involve your brain in everyday life, the impact will be immense.

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