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The Crystal Staircase (#1)

We are all afraid to take action because we are unsure of the perfect plan to proceed. When you take this approach, you will accomplish nothing. Life is like this crystal staircase and you have muddy boots with spikes on them. One step in that direction is going to scratch and muddy up the staircase, but your job in life is not to preserve it – it’s to reach the top. It’s not because of the gold up there but because of the very essence of climbing it. It’s who you become in the process. When you reach the top, you get to look down and see how far you’ve come through the mud.

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What is Success? (#2)

So we’ve all been brainwashed by the media by our peers, by our parents, by our mentors, by our teachers to achieve this thing called success. What is success? It’s just a word. And what are words? They’re meanings of association – ideas and thoughts that we learn to attach to a concept which is truly different in everybody’s eyes. If you’re going to achieve something, you must have a firm grasp of what exactly that is. So what is success? Success is not money, it’s not clothes, it’s not cars; it’s not materialistic items. Success is the magnitude of the beneficial footprint that you leave on society.

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Thoughts vs Reality (#3)

A lot of people think that failure is a step backward. No, failure is a step forward – a step in the right direction. Every time you fail you learn something from it. That’s progress in every sense of the word. The thoughts that live in your head don’t mean anything unless you put them into motion, and you actually transfer that energy from your head into the world as we know it. You must leave your footprint on society by transferring these ideas into actions. The visualizations we have come to us for a reason. We must turn these dreams into realities. It’s better to have tried and failed than to have never made any attempt to live your dreams.

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Stay the Course (#4)

Life is a series of runs. There’s ups and downs, and it usually comes in streaks like with basketball or poker. It’s very important that you do not panic during those down periods. The ones who stay the course get in position every single time to win the game. Stay in your lane, regardless if there’s an 18-wheeler next to you who’s trying to push you off. Let’s take a look at two of the best franchises in all of sports. The San Antonio Spurs in basketball and the New England Patriots in football are in contention every year. They go deep in the playoffs every year, and it’s because they stay true to the system that they created.

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50/50 World (#5)

This world that we live in is a fifty-fifty world, yet people fail to see it – they do not want to be sold on the idea that you must give in order to receive. The giving has to take place first, before the receiving can occur. Look at the world around us. The sun rises and it falls. We have Spring, and the apex of Summer, which leads to Fall, and Winter. We have gravity: the ball goes up, it must come back down. You pay with cash to receive goods and services. You must give in this world in order to receive, and people fail to see it all the time.

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The Comfort Zone (#6)

The comfort zone – there’s really four types of people who I’ve run into. We have one group of people that think it’s this concrete wall that they cannot step outside of. There’s another set of people who envision it as this barbed wire fence surrounding their comfort zone, and they’re like, “I could climb it, I could step outside, but I’m going to get hurt bad.” And then there’s a third set of people who view it as a mesh fence, something that can be torn open. The last group of people are the people who you look up to. They view the comfort zone as this expanding air – that if they step outside, they will get more air.

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Chase Your Heart (#7)

There’s no purpose in doing something in life if you don’t really enjoy it. There’s pain that you have to go through, but the pain must go towards a reward that you really want. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, then you’re wasting your time. You’re not doing anything of value. It’s a disservice to you, to your heart. You need to chase your heart. Chase this uncertainty where your heart is telling you to go, because it knows that it will discover itself if you choose to go down this ambiguous path – you will discover what you’re really made of if you choose to go down this abyss.

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Becoming Good at Something (#8)

The more you do something, the better you become at it. We think that the people we look up to were born with this God given ability – that they were just born with talent. We think that a comedian was born really funny and that a news anchor was born with a great speaking ability. The reality is that this is just a matter of conditioning. It is the product of stepping outside of your comfort zone, and being able to persevere through that anxiety. Everyone is scared the first time they do something.

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Love Your Haters (#9)

You’re trying to shake up the world – trying to produce shockwaves, leave your mark, do something that hasn’t been done before – or you’re trying to do something that others have found unrealistic or have failed at doing. And of course you’re going to have haters. Most of these people who come out and are verbal with their hatred towards you really want to be heard based on a feeling of lack of self-worth within. They don’t know how to express themselves in the right way, they don’t know how to get rid of that anger inside.

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Mastering Sales (#10)

You must be passionate about whatever it is that you are selling. No matter your occupation, you are selling. A man has to sell his wife on his marriage proposal. A mother has to sell her child on the idea that brussel sprouts taste good. An employer must sell his or her employees on his or her vision for the company. Selling isn’t bad. The negative connotation that you have is based on bad experiences that you may have had with salespeople, but we have bad experiences with doctors too, so should we just write them off and never go for a checkup again? Of course not. When you do it with ethics, you are improving someone else’s life.

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