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Would You Follow You?

Take a step outside of your body, and take a good look at yourself from a third party perspective. What do you eat? How do you perform at the office? How hard do you go at the gym? How much do you contribute to society? What is the impact you have on your peers and your family? Do you focus on personal growth, or are you out there looking for selfish gratification? When you get to that point – when you can really look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘yes’ with a proud smile – then we have no choice but to follow you, because you’ll be a legend.

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Believe in Yourself

Your brain is like a circuit switch. Once you believe you are something, you actually embody that feeling. If you were in a coma, and you had no recollection of the past but you were told you were a Navy Seal, do you think you would act differently? Do you think you would hold yourself differently, and have a different self-concept of who you are? Being successful in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are. If you truly believe inside of you that you are one of the best, your expressions, tone of voice – everything – would be totally different.

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Ninety-five percent of people who create resolutions don’t follow through on them past January 15th – those are just the people that write them down. When the energy fades and the excitement wears off, what’s left is the measure of you. You’re going to get excited for that new job, school, task. What’s left is your effort when the energy fades. Progress in terms of improving your situation, your life, in every aspect, is a choice. You said you were excited and passionate, but do you do it when you’re not? That’s called commitment.

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Internal vs External People

There is a fundamental difference in understanding the universe. There’s an internal world and an external world, and people who relate to each. They don’t get along with each other very well because the external world people try to fix the outside world to please the inside, whereas the internal world people fix the internal because the external world doesn’t affect them. With the external locus of control, one will be in pain his or her entire life. People with an internal locus of control realize that it is not the external world that needs fixing, but themselves that need fixing.

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Purpose in Everything

The Dark Knight was very much about the fundamental philosophical differences of The Joker and the Batman. On one side, you have chaos, and on the other, order. Having a certain mindset affects the way you choose to view the universe. Do you believe in randomness or spiritually believe that things are in order? One will give you peace, the other will not.

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The J Curve

There was a lot of work I put in before you ever heard about me – weekends, sixteen hour days at the office, giving up nights. It’s a slow rise up and a grind, but then all of a sudden, you’ll get to a point where you explode up. People will see that point in which you exploded up, but they don’t realize that it was a hockey stick and hard to get to that point. If you want to do what you love to do for the rest of your life, it’s going to take a lot throughout this whole process to get to that point in the J curve.

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Technology, Conspiracies & Where We’re Heading

Jaret and Brandon talk about how tech companies, like Facebook and Instagram, are adapting as an attempt to stay more relevant. They continue with conspiracies about aliens, the moon landing, and where technological advances will lead us.

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Always be growing. Look at a stagnant pond versus a flowing river. The stagnant pond grows bacteria and is contaminated, while the flowing river remains vibrant and full of life. That is the essence of progress – motion. You must be feeding your mind just like you feed your body so that you can expand your thinking and quality of life. Transfer your fear into goodness, and figure out what the source of the fear is. That’ll lead you to a real breakthrough.

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I’m Not You Podcast – Niyi Sobo

Niyi Sobo, in the Sports Motivation Podcast, interviews Jaret Grossman. They talk about Jaret’s past, how his transformation led him to where he is today, common misconceptions about those at the top, breaking through fear to search for truth, and how to develop confidence.

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18 is Old Podcast – Kyle Lipton

In this interview from the 18 is Old Podcast, Kyle Lipton and Jaret Grossman talk about how physical fitness changes your mindset, breaking through limiting beliefs, and how to bust through a plateau.

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