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Jaret Grossman

After amassing over 30 million views on YouTube by producing a video every day for a year, Jaret Grossman has quickly become sought after as one of the world's best life coaches and business consultants. Jaret's world class advice is drawn from his early childhood woes and muscular transformation. As an 8th grader, Jaret was only 90 pounds, won only one wrestling match, and was constantly picked on and bullied. He quickly progressed to become one of New York's best wrestlers and eventually became a 3x All-American at Bryant University. After he pursued a career in law or investment banking, Jaret realized his passion lied elsewhere. While finishing up his JD degree, Jaret started up a health and fitness brand with his childhood friend. After building the Muscle Prodigy presence to over 300,000 unique visitors per month, over 1 million social media followers, and topping the charts with several iTunes albums, Jaret was looked up to by many as a beacon of light. People from all walks of life including C-level executives, pro athletes, students, and sales managers have come to Jaret looking for a transformation in their life including career empowerment, financial stability, relationship success, emotional mastery, physical health, spiritual connection, mental training, and contribution. If you'd like to hire Jaret for personal coaching, apply here.

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Business Success – A HUGE Missing Ingredient

A lot of businesses do not have systems, and if you’re a startup and want to succeed, it’s all about creating systems. How great is your product or service that you’re offering? What is the lead conversion process? Your online presence is crucial, and needs to be dialed in as to how you are going to sell to your client. How are you leading people to the ultimate prize?

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Advice for Entrepreneurs

Take me, for example. I’m actually a future-oriented guy so I am guilty of focusing more on the big picture (which is in essence, future money) as opposed to things that will work today, but it’s a very valuable lesson to learn that you need both, and the pendulum swings both ways.
Take time in your schedule (TODAY!) to spend time on both current money and future money.

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How to Pray Right

A lot of people pray for things, but those things are there to transform who you are when you are in the pursuit of them. In order to receive them, there will need to be a transformation within you – changing certain qualities about yourself. For example, being more timely, or giving more value to the world. When you pray, be deliberate in the actions that you want to change in your life, because that will ultimately lead to the things you desire.

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Five Steps to Achievement

If you can think about anyone who has been successful in their lives, they have walked through the following five steps – consciously or unconsciously.
1. You must have ambition, and a desire to improve your life.
2. Next, is a crystal clear vision of where you want to be.
3. You must have purpose, and understand the reasons why you want to achieve your vision.
4. Create a blueprint – or road map, which is the next step to achievement.
5. You need to execute on that blueprint.

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Reignite that Hunger

You have a vision of who you want to be in the future – this person that you compare yourself to. This identity of who you are is based on the people around you, and who you think they want you to be. There is no stronger incentive than somebody feeling like they are growing into the best version they can be. That is up to you – to break through, and understand your deep reasons why it is that you do what you do.

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You must assume that you control 100% of your life, who you are, what your situation is, and how much money you make. Most people just go about life meandering about, waiting for things to happen to them, trigger them, and stimulate them. It’s not about the external world. It’s what you choose to do with your mind. The mind and body together are so powerful – burn all bridges so you have a sense of urgency to get something done. If you’re equipped with enough emotional strength, you can get through anything.

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Work Stuff, Consciousness, Eternity

In this video, you get to see what Jaret’s workday is like. He discusses the new platform he’s developing, his strategies, and some of his thoughts on important issues people deal with today.

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Driven to Greatness

How one uses one’s attention from moment to moment largely determines what kind of person one becomes. Our lives and minds are largely shaped by how we use them. We have a decision that we’re going to make in terms of the input that we’re going to put in, but you can’t expect to be great if you have an average dream, and average input, an average weekend.Your input needs to excel if you want to be truly great.

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Feel the Pain

These walls are here for a reason – to weave out those who are weak. It’s the pain that creates the prize. Nothing happens overnight. You have to struggle, and go through times where you don’t want to face the world. You have got to get to a point where you say, “I am sick and tired of living like this! There’s got to be more!” Well there is more. Fight through the pain and go get it! As pain leaves your body, guess what’s going to take it’s place – success.

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Silence the Critics

It is easy to sit and say who is going to do what, who is going to crumble. It is a lot easier to say that it cannot be done than it is to be the one to work to the point where you are the one that is scrutinized. All that matters is what you do. When you believe in yourself, you will prove your critics wrong, even if they don’t believe in you. Their words do not predict the outcome. All they do is add fuel to your fire.

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