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Stay the Course (#4)

Life is a series of runs. There’s ups and downs, and it usually comes in streaks like with basketball or poker. It’s very important that you do not panic during those down periods. The ones who stay the course get in position every single time to win the game. Stay in your lane, regardless if there’s an 18-wheeler next to you who’s trying to push you off. Let’s take a look at two of the best franchises in all of sports. The San Antonio Spurs in basketball and the New England Patriots in football are in contention every year. They go deep in the playoffs every year, and it’s because they stay true to the system that they created.

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Jaret Grossman

After amassing over 30 million views on YouTube by producing a video every day for a year, Jaret Grossman has quickly become sought after as one of the world's best life coaches and business consultants. Jaret's world class advice is drawn from his early childhood woes and muscular transformation. As an 8th grader, Jaret was only 90 pounds, won only one wrestling match, and was constantly picked on and bullied. He quickly progressed to become one of New York's best wrestlers and eventually became a 3x All-American at Bryant University. After he pursued a career in law or investment banking, Jaret realized his passion lied elsewhere. While finishing up his JD degree, Jaret started up a health and fitness brand with his childhood friend. After building the Muscle Prodigy presence to over 300,000 unique visitors per month, over 1 million social media followers, and topping the charts with several iTunes albums, Jaret was looked up to by many as a beacon of light. People from all walks of life including C-level executives, pro athletes, students, and sales managers have come to Jaret looking for a transformation in their life including career empowerment, financial stability, relationship success, emotional mastery, physical health, spiritual connection, mental training, and contribution. If you'd like to hire Jaret for personal coaching, apply here.

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