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ManTalks Podcast – Growth Hack Your Mind and Body

Get ready because this is a heavy-hitting episode! Jaret Grossman has an incredible background he is the co-founder of Muscle Prodigy, founder of Jarbly and is a serial entrepreneur who has transformed thousands of lives around the globe with his famous 365 Video Series which was originally aired on YouTube. Jaret has worked with individuals just like you and world-class performers. This episode we talk all about Fitness & Mindset.

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Carlos Slim, Howard Schultz, Refugees, Poverty

There’s something broken in the economy and it needs to be fixed. We could worry about the world’s problems, but until you fix what’s going on within, how could you have the strength to be able to handle the world? Carlos Slim said that Gates’ and Buffett’s charity won’t solve anything. Most charities don’t know what to do with money, and very few pennies on the actual dollar go to the cause. Rather than giving to charity, the money would be better spent towards fixing education, fixing health problems, and creating jobs. When consumers have money, they spend most of it, and the businesses receiving the money invest it which in turn creates a booming economy.

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The Second Shift

Financial markets and businesses close at five, but as a business man or woman, you have a responsibility to grind, to dig deep, to press forward! This is where you go into overdrive. This is where you find all the golden nuggets that fell from your fingertips. This isn’t where the day ends – it’s where it begins. It’s the second shift, and the hustlers take advantage of it to separate themselves from the pack. Tap into that inner fire, inner desire, and you will be on a different path that few can compete with.

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Sleeping through the Alarm

I stress this over and over again – the early bird gets the worm. You need to get up early, and get your rituals in the morning right so you’re setting up the day for success. That little bit of momentum is going to make a huge difference in your day. Many who set an alarm and sleep through it have decided to treat the alarm as white noise. You detached your mind from your body, and you need to attach them again. As soon as you turn off your alarm, start moving your body!

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The Growth Within You

There are going to be a whole lot of bullies in your life: bills, emotional problems, negative thoughts, relationship conflict. It’s all pointing to one thing – for you to become stronger. Decisions shape our destiny, and it’s up to you to make the right decisions once you realize what is missing within you. Where is the growth within you? How will you achieve everything that you want to achieve? How will you become the best version of yourself? Growth is one of the most important needs in humans. If you don’t grow, you will die. Do you want more? Are you up for the challenge? It’s up to you to make the decision.

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Pick Up Community

Everything is putting us on a path of progression or degeneration. Nothing keeps you stagnant – it’s either helping you grow, or letting you decay and live an inferior quality of life. One of these degenerative ideas is the idea of pickup, that is, strategies for picking up women. This is ultimately a degenerative way of life because it decays the family unit, and the values the universe was built upon. The family is the brick of society, and the ultimate destruction of society is inevitable if the family unit decays.

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How to Come Up with a Good Tech Idea

Google Maps incorporated GPS technology into their own software to give users traffic updates. Don’t try to create new technology out of thin air. We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants – piggyback off of technology that already exists to create something revolutionary.

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Acting Out Your Truth

The universe will reward you for being honest with yourself. It will not put something out there that’s not true. When you’re not being who you really are – possibly because you’re not comfortable with who you are – then you’re not going to be rewarded by the universe because you’re not acting out the thing that it rewards: truth. Acting in a fake manner will portray you as an incongruent person, and everybody will sense it. For instance, women think men who are genuine are more attractive than men who are fake. Be genuine and true to yourself, and the universe will reward you.

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How to Lead Your People as a Boss

You have to send a message to your employees that you’re willing to do all the dirty work, so that when you tell someone else to do it, they can never question you and think that it’s a stupid idea. As a boss, influencer, leader, you can’t just tell other people what to do without being able to do it yourself. Raise your standard – not your expectations of others – if you want to have congruence within yourself and be a true leader.

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The Kobe Bryant Way – Separation

The more that you’re willing to take on, the more reward you get. You can’t have the good without the bad, but if you’re willing to take on the bad, you get more good. What are you doing to separate yourself from the pack? Are you taking on the responsibility to be more? The more responsibility you’re willing to take on in terms of being willing to do things that other people aren’t willing to do, the more you will be looked up to as a beacon of light.

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